Kauai Restaurant Chauffeurs


Kauai is fortunate to have multiple unique and different restaurant & entertainment experiences throughout the island. Let Kauai Town Car get you and your guests to these incredible restaurants safely and in style at a reasonable cost while a ready driver awaits your next assignment.  We are also happy to share our local favorites.

Kauai Town Car makes all experiences exceptional and enjoyable for couples, and or parties of up to 14.

Kauai Town Car considers each charter to be a custom experience, we will have cold water on board going both ways to refresh yourself and help you hydrate on the way home. Our team will get you there on time and delivery you back to your hotel or ship port in peace. We want you to have fun while you are on Kauai, you only live once.

Book now to make your ultimate or normal restaurant experiences both memorable and a safer part of your vacation.

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